Rail Arts Studios
Original Watercolors and Prints by Kelvin B. Kerr


Prints suitable for framing are available in several sizes and paper types.

Standard Prints: 
High quality computer photo prints
 Printed on heavy matte cardstock.

Giclee Prints:
Museum quality reproductions
Printed on heavyweight specialty papers.

Custom Prints:
Giclee specialty prints.
Printed on heavyweight specialty papers.
Signed by the artist.
Available on Request, priced accordingly.
         Size                                Standard Prints                 Giclee Prints
8" x 10"                                        $25                                 $50
11" x 17"                                      $40                                 $65
13" x 19"                                      $60                                 $90
To Order:
Prints may be ordered by contacting the artist.
 Payment may be made by sending a personal check
     or money order to:
    Rail Arts Studios
     7324 Gaston Ave., Ste. 124-314
      Dallas, Tx. 75214

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